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ALEKSANDER GŁOWACKI, son of Anthony and Apolonia from Trembińscy, he was born on 20 August 1847 in Hrubieszow. He lost parents earlyand his grandmother take care of his good breeding first, when he had 7 years his aunt from Lublin took care over him. In year 1857 Prus began learning at District Primary School at Guberniya Junior High School in Lublin. At this school Aleksander was not long because he had been passed in the custody of older brother, which worked as teacher of history and geography in Siedlce. The schools school years and especially period of stay in Lublinhad the serious influence on shaping the writer's personality. Głowacki had attended to schools from year 1856 till year 1866, what shows that he belonged into those groups of young men, which were called idlers and urchins in professors' serious language. Older about 13 years brother Leon during studies participated already in conspiratory life of youthand was member of the trojniacki alliance. Leon paid his part in rise mental disorder, and for Alexander insurgent's episode became experience with extreme importance. In 1861 moved to Kielce and he attended to school there. In 1 September 1863 , under village of Białki, situated about 4 km south from Siedlce was rolled down the battle. Prus situated in hospital in Siedlce was arrested and then free of charge from prison. So he came back to school in Siedlce. After he had been arrested some times for part in rise his uncle from Lublina looked after him. He continued education there. 30 June 1866 Aleksander received at last the certificate of completion high school in Lublin. After short time he went to Warsaw.




In October 1866 Aleksander passed entrance examination to Main School and began Math and Physics studies. 2 July 1869 Aleksander taken back documents from Main School and left it. In Targowisko village he works as private teacher. In the end of October he entered on forest department of Institute of Village Farming and Forest district in Puławy. In next year he was throwed out from it. In September 1870 Głowacki comes back again to Warsaw. He works in factory. besides The heavy or random gainful employment Głowacki doesn't give up from continuing education and he even undertakes some tests of own papers. He also tries journalist works. Several years he co-operates with newspapers and publishes his works. Therefore against primal intentions Głowacki became writer. Writer's marriage-ceremony with Oktawia Trembińska took place 18 January 1875 in Lublin. Głowacki settled with wife in Warsaw.




Prus as editor of newspaper titled "News", seeking summer resort for him and wife came in August 1882 for the first time to Nałęczow. The literary and artistic world of Warsaw was coming there on summer holidays at that time. From that year Prus always was arriving to Nałęczow for holidays . Just there he started his contacts with local intelligence. He begins knowledge with well-known painter Stanisław Witkiewicz in 1885, what has the huge meaning for Prusa, because Witkiewicz is the joint editor of periodical " The Traveller" and one of leaders of group fighting for reforming of Polish art. Earlier in December 1884 year of Prus prints in "The Traveller" two short stories: "Near moon" as well as "Double man". During twelve years Prus writes the following short stories, novels and stories: " The Post" (1885), " The Shadows", "Essay about Farys", " Mr. Wesołowski and his stick", " The Doll" (1890), " The Suffragists" (1893), " The Pharaoh" (1895). Having finished " The Pharaoh " Prus left for his first and only journey abroad for money that he got for the Pharaoph novel. He left Warsaw in May 1895. The route of trip led by Dresden, Carlsbad, Norynberg and Stuttgart. In August he was in Paris where he went from Switzerland. Missing for country, tired with overflow of impressions and hard work over studying the new matters, 17 September Prus comes back home. In next year, that is in 1897 Prus celebrated jubilee of 25 years of - the literary work. Despite poor condition of health he takes part in different philanthopical and social actions. With a run of time his health get worse, so Prus is forced to have twice heavy operations after which he was coming to health very slowly. However doctors didn't foresee so early end - 10 May 1912. Prus's funeral took place in Warsaw - 22 May 1912.


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