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Szkoła z roku 1923I Liceum Ogólnokształcące with Bolesław Prus name, is one of the oldest schools in Siedlce. In 1906 was established private school steered by Tadeusz Radliński . This school was called Gimnazjum Podlaskie which contained oneself in edifice near ul. Floriańska. The school was formed as a result of school strikes between years 1902-1905 as rivalry for Russian "Governmental Classical Secondary School for Boys" resident near Szkolna street (today Konarskiego, the building of present Liceum named H. Żółkiewskiego). In year 1912 head master became Mieczysław Asłanowicz. Gimnazjum Podlaskie successfuly survived until to recovery of independence. In autumn 1918 it became nationalized and received the name of Gimnazjum hetmana Stefana Żółkiewskiego in Siedlce. It was third public Polish high school in regenerating Poland. School was situated in two buildings. Humanistic Department was created near Floriańska streetand near Konarskiego street was started Department of Natural Science and Mathematics. Mieczysław Asłanowicz still held the function of head master, and Stanisław Rutkowski became his deputy, who answered for newly formed Humanistic Department. In 1923 Humanistic Department was transformed into individual post - "Państwowe Gimnazjum im.B. Prusa". II World War broke the legal activity of school. It work was resumed in 1944 and it is continued till present day. Since year 1953 school became a co-educational post.

Bolesław Prus - patron of school - he attended to secondary school in Siedlce on the turn of years 1861/1862 ( the later name of school - The Governmental Classical Secondary School for Boys). Writer's older brother - Leon Głowacki taught at this school. Brothers took part in January Insurrection, they fought in battle under village Białka (present Białki) near Siedlce, whereby they got into Russian slavery.



  • Stanisław Rutkowski

He fulfilled function of head master since moment of post rising till year 1961 with pause 1939-1945. In time of war he was twice arrested. His endeavour brought to reconstruction of destroyed during war operations former edifice of school and building of dormitory.

  • Ignacy Wojewódzki

In the period of Nazi occupation was organizer and manager of secret teaching on general education level on Siedlce's terrain. After the war he became high school vice-manager and he fulfilled this function to 1950 r.

  • Jan Krawczyk

Head master in school year 1961/62

  • Józef Potocki

Head master in school years 1962-72.

  • Irena Gawryjołek

Head master in school years 1972-76.

  • Lucjan Krupa

Head master in years 1976-90. Under his government was taken the care about gaining terrain for extension of the school and the Social Committee of Enlargement was appointed.

  • Adam Owczarczyk

Head master in school years 1991-2007.



  • Andrzej Kopiec

mgr Andrzej Kopiec  Head master since september 2007
  • Ireneusz Chromiński

mgr Ireneusz Chromiński Deputy head master since 1 september 2008
  • Teresa Nasiłowska

mgr Teresa Nasiłowska Deputy head master



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