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08-110 SIEDLCE, Floriańska 10 Rd. Tel./Fax. (25) 63 255-88






According  to Town Council’s decision, Headmaster would like to inform, taking part in the recruit ting process to all  High schools in Siedlce will be able by website http://edu.com.pl/siedlce

Candidates are asked to become familiar with:

  1. Rules for students using Ksenon Opivum’ – for students from Gymnasiums in Siedlce

  2.  Rules for students using other programs than Ksenon Opivum’ – for students from Gymnasiums outside Siedlce

Candidates are asked to follow instructions carefully.


I Secondary School named Bolesław Prus has prepared

wide range of offers for Gymnasiums graduates ...


During the offers preparations we took to consideration student’s interests,  tradition, our experiences, prospects and the changes, supposed to be in the future.

The aim of our school is hard work in order to:

a.        pass Matura exam,

b.       study  at the University,

c.        operate in democracy country, society and free market economy,

d.       respect human dignity  and  worth of cultural and natural heritage,

e.       live and work in United Europe.

The aims are usually  gained by good  functioning of school,  reliable work of teachers , cooperation with the Parents, local council and other organizations connected with education.

There is a possibility of taking up additional classes in:

a.        interests groups  (Computer Science, Polish, Russian, Shooting Section, History, Biology, Choir),

b.       editorial of school magazine,

c.        School Sport Club  (basketball, netball, handball),

d.       European Club,

e.       Local Informatics Academy  (payable).





Maximum  number of points to get – 200 p. Including:


What is taken to the consideration?

The way of points calculation:

Maximum number of points:

For Gymnasium terminal exam:

According to exam certificate

100 p.

Additional classes and achievements, mentioned at student’s certificate.


celujący (A+) - 18 p.

bardzo dobry (A) - 14 p.

dobry (B) - 10 p.

dostateczny (C) - 6 p.

 dopuszczający (D) - 2 p.

18 p.

Foreign Language

18 p.


18 p.

Computer Science

18 p.

Distinguished  certificate


4 p.

Average of Compulsory Classes marks  (accurate to two numbers over the comm.)

celujący (A+) - 6 p.

bardzo dobry (A) - 5 p.

dobry (B) - 4 p.

dostateczny (C) - 3 p.

 dopuszczający (D) - 2 p.

6 p.

Special achievements of student

1. Contests (so called Olympics ) and competitions:

a) Participation at Regional Level at least. – 14p.

14 p.

2.Sport and Art competitions:

a) regional level – 4p

b) local level – 3p

4 p.


200 p.



Pay attention!

1)     See accurate notice about your achievements on school certificate
(write:  a name of contest and its organizer, kind of achievement (for example: III rd) and its level (local, regional or nationwide ).

2)     It is advisable to submit your application on special application form prepared by our school

Click here to open Application form.



17.05 – 28.05.– submit the applications.


25.06 (from. 1:00 pm.) – 28.06.r. (till. 3:00pm.) – submit the copies of school and exam certificates.


30.06.r. ( 1:00 pm.) –  announcement the list of candidates predicted to admit.


30.06 (from. 1:00 pm.) - 02.07.2004 r. (till 1:00pm.) –  confirmation of the willingness to attend to I LO. (submit the original school and exam certificate and 2 candidate’s photographs ).


02.07. (3:00 pm.) – announcement the list of candidates, who confirmed their attendance will.


05.07 - 08.07. – Probable , supplementary recruitment.


09.07.. (10:00 am.) – announcement the list of admitted candidates.




Previous name of specialization

The name of class

Language set  *

1. leading (hours per week during 3 years).

2.second foreign language. (Hours per week during 3 years).

Selected classes*  (will be led and more advance level)

Our expectations from candidates

Additional notice



1. German (14)

2. English (6)

1. German

2. History

3. Mathematics

4. Biology

1. To be interested in German language and culture of German countries

2. Potential to learn foreign languages

German classes  will be  led in two groups:

a)  basic level

b) advanced level

Advanced in:





1. English (9)

2. German (6)

1. Biology

2. Chemistry

3. Phisics and Astronomy

1. Opened for understanding the world as a wholeness

2. Willingness to discover the nature

3.  To be interested in nature,  Biology, ecology

4. Hard-working and systematic

In this class , the students will be prepared to take up Medical Studies afterwards.

Humanistic profile


1. French (9)

2. English (8)

3. Latin (5)*

1. Polish

2. History + WOS

3. Biology

1. To be interested in Polish and History

2. Achievements in humanistic fields of knowledge

Mathematics , Physics and Chemistry will be led a basic level.

Advanced in: Mathematics



Computer Studies


1. English (10)

2. German (6)

1. Mathematics

2. Phisics and Astronomy

3. Computer Science

1.  To be interested in exact studies

2. Achievements in exact studies

3. Hard-working and systematic

Biology and Chemistry will led at basic level.



1. English (14)

2. Russian (6)

1. English

2. History

3. Biology

1. To be interested in English and English countries culture

2. Language abilities

English classes will be led in 2 groups:

a) advanced level.

b) proficiency level.

No basic level group.

Advanced in:



Computer Studies


1. English (10)

2. French (6)

1. Mathematics

2. Computer Science

3. Geography

4. Phisics and Astronomy

1. To be interested in Mathematisc and Computer Science

2. Hard-working and systematic

Biology*, Chemistry will led at basic level.


1. English (10)

2. German (6)



1. English (11)

2. French (8)

1. English

2. French

3. Geography

4. History

1. To be interested in foreign language and in  History

2. Language abilities

3. Achievements in language fields of knowledge

Physics, Chemistry, will be led at basic level.

English * classes will be led in two groups:

a) advanced level.
proficiency level.


1. English (10)

2. German (6)

1. Geography

2. Bilogy

3. Mathematics

1. To be interested in Geography, ecology, tourism

2. Achievements in above- mentioned subjects

Physics, Chemistry, will be led at basic level.*

* could be changed if the students decide so or if the law will change.



  • Well-prepared and experienced teachers

  • High standard of teaching

  • Cooperation with a lot of organizations in and beyond Poland

  • Wide range of learning profiles

  • Promotional activity of the school

  • Modern gymnasium, ballet hall

  • Well- equipped  library and reading room with Internet access

  • Modern Computer room. All computers with Internet access

  • Possibility of learning 5 foreign languages (shared into 2 groups), English, German, French, Latin and Russian

  • Linguistic classes

  • Language summer camps in Poland with American Volunteers, foreign camps, excursions, bivouacs, trips

  • Boarding- school for 105 students  (canteen, cafereria, xero)

  • cooperation with schools in Germany and France

  • school psychologist – helpful in every difficult situation

  • cooperation with the Parents


School program include many ambitious challenges for teachers and students in order to self-development, which is base for whole educational action. School education demands teacher’s  efforts in teaching and upbringing. We are definitely against truancy. We propagate heath way of living – without additions. We are going to implement program of smoking- reduction in our school. We care for safety of our students. Our close cooperation with the Parents is really helpful in upbringing process.

We create conditions to student’s ‘leading activity’. Student’s Council and Youth Council of Boarding- school organize feasts, excursions, class parties, competitions. We publish school magazine “Dżemper”.



  • Valentine Day,

  • Spring Greeting Day,

  • Contest of knowledge about school patron  - B. Prus,

  • Contest for the best class,

  • Culture Day of Nations,

  • Sport Day,

  • Discos.


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